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Introducing Chesspresso.

Play the game at your own pace.

The great thing about Chesspresso is you don't play one game in one sitting, you play as many games as you like over a long time period. Move time limits are in days not minutes or seconds!

Anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Play for ranking points with as many players as you like from all over the world simultaneously, and in your own time to fit a busy schedule.

Simple, but full of features.

We've tried to make Chesspresso as simple as possible, but it's still feature rich for players who prefer more control over their apps.

Multiple screen size support.

We support all different Android screen sizes and always try and make the best use of that extra space.

Get notified properly.

We use push notifications from our server to notify you of actions you need to take in your games. But you have total conrol of those notifications inside and outside of the app.

Leaderboards and achievements.

Compete against other players to increase your ranking on the leaderboard. Invite the best (or the worst) for a match!

Always someone to play.

Active games in the last 24 hours: 1,122

Active users in the last 30 days: 592

Give it a try, we think you'll love it.

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